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What is WapOffice
WapOffice gives full and comfortable access to Outlook address book, scheduler, POP3 e-mails, enables the receiving, sending and forwarding of e-mails and e-mail attachments, the forwarding of attachment as e-mail or telefax communication, allows to select the e-mail addresses of the address book, gives good and structured access to the entries within Outlook by the use of filters and wildcard enabled search functions...
What makes WapOffice different
WapOffice is created to serve as a WAP manager of the data stored on your personal computer. The primary goal of its design is to provide a neatly structured, highly secure system that grants its users the opportunity to view and organize their personal data via a mobile phone.

Free WAP & WEB Access
Free Demo
The WapOffice online demo allows you to get in touch with the various functions of the application, to experience all of its features that you will access and explore via your mobile phone...

For your convenience we have created a special testing account you can use to try our product's capabilities

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PhoneOffice is your mobile Office en route. By telephone you gain a comfortable and complete access to Outlook (MS Outlook, Outlook Express), access to address book, scheduler, e-mails. By text to speech all the informations are read by a selectable voice...  


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